What is a Novelty Survival Kit?

 Tired of sending mundane, pricey greeting cards that end up in the trash?

Our Novelty Survival Kits offer a unique alternative to traditional greetings cards.

Serving as cherished keepsakes, they are perfect for surprising your loved ones.

A thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift and card all in one.

Tailored for various life milestones, Novelty Survival Kits inject a dose of humour into any celebration. The creative process of crafting new kits involves hours of brainstorming to create clever sayings and pair them with everyday items. While some companies opt for a one-size-fits-all approach, with identical contents in each kit, we however, take a different approach.

As a result, each kit is meticulously designed for the recipient, featuring items and sayings that are relevant to its theme. Every survival kit is unique, carefully curated with a delightful mix of sentimental and humorous items. Offering exceptional value for money & presented in a charming organza bag, each kit is adorned with a laminated label explaining the significance of each item.

Our survival kits make for a truly exceptional gift that is exquisitely crafted and delightfully unconventional.

Furthermore, our novelty survival kits are designed to fit through a standard letterbox, so are convenient and hassle-free to deliver.

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